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E-Follow-up Appointment

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E-Follow-up Appointments

If you are currently on a program for a chronic case analysis, and have symptoms left over that are still concerning, please fill out the follow up form (see below for important details).

All follow-ups, moving forward, will be online only (no phone sessions) and it is very important to do the follow up sessions with one remedy following the next as we go through the layering system to get everyone ready for their constitutional/wellness yearly follow up.




Please do not send in a story line with pages and pages of information. We have all of your detailed health history and past programs in your file. Please fill in the form with the top three symptoms that you are still experiencing, and write the details that go along with it. 


What, where, sensation/pain, when, what makes it better, worse, time of day, how often, how long does it last,


Headache, right temple extends over top of head to left side, throbbing pain, comes on at 8:00 pm , lasts until I fall asleep approx.. 11:00pm, better laying down, better eyes closed, worse bright lights, worse movement, was weekly now only once a month. 


Joint Pain, dull aching, left wrist, stiffness when waking, worse initial movement, better continue movement, worse in morning, better hot shower, worse rainy weather, change of weather, was daily, now only twice a month. Pain level 6 now, was 10.



This service includes your updated consultation and case study. You should receive your updated protocol within one to six days. All follow ups are done in the order they come in.

Appointments online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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