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Educational Sessions

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Wellness Sessions

This is a once or twice a year (your choice) program to maintain the progress you have achieved after doing a full case analysis.

Constitutional protocols address genetic inheritances.


We do not focus on symptoms, but more on strengthening and balancing your immune system so that you can reduce your vulnerability to ailments, and help you age in a healthier way. If you are experiencing symptoms, and are seeking to remedy that, please go instead to the homeo-helpline or follow-up form .

 This program will include intercurrent homeopathics, LM Potencies for deeper and gentler strengthening and some herbs, teas and some additional dietary suggestions.


As one of my teachers used to say….”it may be your destiny to walk through the rose bushes, but no one ever said you couldn’t wear a raincoat for protection”.

It is never too late to start a wellness program to be as vibrant as possible.

Constitutional/Wellness Program:  $350.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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