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The Comprehensive Plus Panel expands on the Comprehensive Panel and includes estrone (E1) and estriol (E3) plus the Estrogen Quotient.  The Estrogen Quotient (EQ) is a simple ratio of the cancer protective E3 to the proliferative estrogens E1 and E2.  The EQ provides an assessment of breast cancer risk, with a lower number (<1.0) indicating increased risk, and a higher number (>1.0) signifying a lower risk.  For maximum protection, an optimal EQ is >1.5.  Because the research on the Estrogen Quotient and the protective properties of estriol has not been done with men, this panel is currently recommended for women only.  This panel should be considered for patients who have:

  • Increased risk of developing breast cancer

  • History of breast cancer or other hormonally sensitive cancers

  • Personal or strong family history of autoimmune disease

  • PCOS

Comprehensive Plus Panel E1, E2, E3, Pg, T, D, Cx4

SKU: 00200
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